RTN024 – Cilocub – Bee Face/The Nuh


Five years ago Retronym was born, and Manchester-based artist Simon Cookson was the first to release music on our roster with the now hugely revered March Febrile EP. That record instilled exactly what our label was about and set the benchmark for all the beautiful and thought-provoking audio we have released since. It is of no great surprise then that Retronym and its supporters have been waiting with immense anticipation for the next release. Finally that time has come, and it has been worth every second of the wait.

Bee Face/The Nuh certainly showcases the sonic progression Cilocub has garnered over the years, retaining that hallmark style whilst adding a grander scope to his sound. This 4-track EP consists of two epic opening and closing tracks broken up by two extremely detailed vignettes.

Bee Face initiates the narrative and immediately bridges the void in time since the last release. The percussion is nothing short of astounding – boundless amounts of organic collisions are nuanced in microscopic detail and garner in pace and depth. Layers of chamber chords and ghostly echoes are steadily interwoven before distorting and fizzling out into a beautiful serenity of sequestered pianos.

Crossbones Ident spirals and phases into a mist whilst Bee Face 2/Roundhay Garden Scene exhibits further stunning percussion and gorgeous eerie melodies.

Closing track The Nuh is an absolute masterwork. Clocking in at just shy of 10 minutes long, this piece could have gone on for even longer before getting even close to tiring. The purest of analog notes intricately and patiently warble to a sheet of skittering beats and hits with a stainless crunch before melding into a slow building calm of stunning organic drums and wails. Time signatures shift and move mathematically but seamlessly, the fabrics of which are sewn into a sense of a climatic arrival that needs to be heard to be believed. The re-introduction of chords is nothing short of euphoric, fading out with the perfect amount of unhurriedness.

Needless to say it’s good to have Cilocub back, an artist precious to us for the fact that he helped launch our label, and that he is from the hometown in which our label was founded. Look out for some of his previously unreleased works also due for release with Retronym sometime soon. Thank you for listening and supporting as always.



Free digital release

01. Bee Face

02. Crossbones Ident

03. Bee Face 2/Roundhay Garden Scene

04. The Nuh

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