RTN022 – Soulacybin – Crystalline Visions


Concocted by John LaBoone’s Soulacybin project, Crystalline Visions is a showcase of sublime psychedelic ambience surrounded by a thick layer of rumbling dub and echo-tinged guitars. From the beginning we are launched into a sonic voyage through ethereal space and cascade through meditative soundscapes seamlessly, right through to the very end.

Opening track Bolzar commences this introspection with hooky and hypnotic bass, guitar riffs which transist between sliding and jangling and percussion that bubbles and variates yet sits with the spacey textures surrounding it so accurately. Once this chilled tone is set it gratifyingly sticks throughout. In Our Hearts introduces distant vocal samples intermitted with acid-infused stabs and Blessings Manifest parades vocal use even further with gorgeous female harmony woven through airy pads and dreamy vistas.

Azurescence feels like the return voyage, uplifting and providing a sense of achievement and reinvigoration, a feeling which can be repeated again and again with each and every listen…Crystalline Visions is intimately enlightening.

The beautiful cover art is the product of Michael Rivers who’s further works can be found at M.H.RPhoto(graphics).



Free digital release

01. Bolzar

02. If Not Now, When?

03. In Our Hearts

04. Blessings Manifest

05. Azurescence

Download All (mp3 format, 320kbit/s)


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