RTN021 – Kinesthetiac – Fields Of Thought


Retronym’s youngest producer Jared VanMatre creates yet another gem in the form of feature length album, Fields Of Thought. Jared aka Kinesthetiac continues his somewhat prodigious talent with an ear for creative nuance and technical ability most of us could have only dreamed of having in our mid-teens.

Fields Of Thought is an exploration of many different colours, hues and tones which blend into a culmination of what has inspired Jared musically, and how he has output those thoughts in his own unique, orginative way.


Free digital release

01. Empty Corners (Intro)

02. Transends

03. Mind Castles

04. Polynome

05. A Garden Path

06. Fragments in Time

07. Fiver Beyond

08. Solar Bears – Solarization (Kinesthetiac Remix)

09. A Sea of Consciousness

10. Glowing Iridesence

11. Memoryhouse – Bonfire (Kinesthetiac Remix)

12. Shell

13. Celestial Body

14. Head Cold

15. Catharsis

16. Free (Outro)

Download All (mp3 format, 320kbit/s)