RTN017 – Trills – Blue Metabolic Sunrise


Jonathan Jindra returns to Retronym yet again, this time under his well-established Trills pseudonym. Blue Metabolic Sunrise displays shimmering beauty from start to finish. The first few tracks are trademark Trills, patient melodies crafted around deep kicks and echoing snares with a wall of beauteous twinkles and dischords with percussion that flickers between downtempo and chunky 808’s.

Everything gradually melts into spiraling arpeggios and analogue machinery is forced to squeeze out it’s most stunning of sounds – conjuring up the kind of imagery that would fit perfectly as an alternative soundtrack to something like Tarkovsky’s Stalker. The closing track Flect is the ultimate swan song, a ten-minute long epic which condenses the massive array of shades and styles that Jindra has in his audio locker.

Blue Metabolic Sunrise is also available as an amazingly put-together digipak direct from Jonathan himself. We at Retronym believe this is one of the most stunning packages we’ve seen in a very long time with artwork by the super-talented Joe Bastardo, who deserves extra special credit for this and previous works for Retronym releases. You can check out his portfolio at Future Forest Design.

Please help support the artist if you like this release and buy direct from Jonathan Jindra himself. Click the ‘Buy Now’ button or purchase through the official Trills Website. Each purchase comes with a free CD-R of improvised Blue Metabolic Sunrise outtakes entitled Uncountable Snowflakes. Shipped from the United States.

Free digital release

01. Euphotic Zone

02. Joguko

03. Insular Movements

04. Erogenous

05. Blue Metabolic Sunrise

06. Zero-Gemini

07. 22 Deg Halo

08. Shutter Memory

09. Flect

Download All (mp3 format, 320kbit/s)

Each digital track comes with beautiful individual artwork.