RTN001 – Cilocub – March Febrile EP


This EP from Manchester-based artist Cilocub marks our debut release with his fantastic record, March Febrile. A beautiful piece full of analog warmth, haunting pianos, organic percussion, twisted guitars and warbling voices akin to Boards of Canada and Bibio.

Everything comes together to evoke distant childhood memories of cold Autumn mornings in the park, stirring up emotions and creating a wonderful reflective mood that lets you drift away and remember how good things once were.

This record is available for download completely free and is also available for purchase in a very limited edition run of 100 copies. The hard copies are provided in unique Ejector cases with individually numbered covers and black surfaced discs.

If you like this release you can support the artist and purchase a copy from our shop.


Free digital release

01. Goodbye Encomium

02. Eyes Around the Shivering Tree

03. Slowly Turning Leaves

04. Koun V Wolf

05. Fever Fingers

06. Molly

Download All (mp3 format, 192kbit/s)

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