RTN016 – Island Near The Clouds – Influence EP

Moscow artist Island Near the Clouds drops his Retronym debut in the form of Influence EP, delivering an excellent showcase of choppy beatcraft, swirling soundscapes and well nuanced voices and other sample work which gradually and seamlessly pulls in and out of the distance. INtC also pays direct homage to a few of his inspirators. […]

RTN014 – Boreal Network – Phase With The Moon

Boreal Network’s latest record is an extra special release, dedicated to and inspired by the gray wolf – a beautiful animal that has witnessed the brink of extinction, hunted by those that fear and misunderstand it. In Nicole’s own words: “This record represents a renewed focus on the inspirations that originally congealed into Boreal Network […]

RTN013 – Jonathan Jindra – Monera

Jonathan Jindra is certainly no stranger within the musical realms at the moment, what with the recent release of his Midmir collaboration with Frank Dambra here at Retronym, and the acid induced Modular Puzzle released under his well recognised Trills moniker over at I, Absentee. This time around Jindra takes an exploration through patient, brooding […]

RTN012 – Orange Tree – Orange Tree

Bolton-based jammers David Williams and Lee Oldfield are the fruitful essence behind Orange Tree, delivering this musical exploration of completely improvised music and epitomising the true beauty of one-off sounds and ideas. Each part has its own story to tell with all kinds of shades of dark and light journeyed throughout, the general tone set […]

RTN011 – Midmir – Step Into A Dream

Step Into A Dream is the debut album from Midmir, collaboratively written and produced by Jonathan Jindra (Trills) and Frank Dambra (Arctier, Track53). The respected talents of both artists fuse together to produce a spark flurrying with a sparse palette of colour-changing, genre-morphing tracks. Newport Riverbed eases us in with bendy synths stretching around deliciously […]

RTN010 – Lithium Enchantment – Remnants

Lithium Enchantment has landed to bring us into the New Year with Remnants, a beautifully crafted and re-crafted album which proves more than worthy of marking our 10th release. Coated in textured, grainy synths that swirl around goosebumb inducing melodies, Remnants is a truly striking piece of music. Projection is a shining example of what […]

RTN009 – Boreal Network – Bikehigh USA 2: Nettles Revenge

Boreal Network delivers yet again with Bikehigh USA 2: Nettles Revenge, a dazzling follow-up to the first Bikehigh USA record released back in 2007. Inspired by summertime biking exploits, there’s a real sense of fun and freedom throughout this release. Bikehigh USA 2 is a blissfully carefree and joyous listening experience – so prepare to […]

RTN008 – 88 Marquis – 1992 In An Igloo/Remixed

1992 In An Igloo is the debut release from Wisconsin originate Peter De Sanctis. As the title hints, this record is the perfect accompaniment to the up and coming winter months with glistening soundscapes and shimmering percussion. Delicately crafted ambient pieces settle in perfectly, piecing everything together to take the listener on a hypnotic journey, possibly sat […]

RTN007 – Paracat – Killing Your Darlings

Step in Dutch musician Paracat, reknowned for his mind-melting, Autechre-esque percussion and toasty distortion on highly respected records such as Copied Betamax and Growth. His latest effort, Killing Your Darlings, is a delightful progression which explores more of a hip-hop influence in parts. Sleep Hiking and The Past Of Tomorrow would sit nicely on a […]