RTN006 – Boreal Network – DOS Image

Following her awesome work on the collaboration with GABRIEL, Nicole Johnson of Boreal Network follows up with this offering, a full-length release which is captivating from start to finish. Dos Image is tinged with the distant blips, beeps and whirs echoing around the arcades of yesteryear, conjuring up majestically fuzzy and warm imagery. Nicole’s fascination […]

Boreal Network Interviewed On MCP 9000 Podcast

The excellent MCP 9000 podcast has featured a very interesting and informative interview with Nicole Johnson of Boreal Network on its most recent show. Nicole answers questions such as what equipment she uses and what inspires her, and the questions are asked in the style of the Master Control Program from Tron…how awesome is that?! […]

RTN005 – GABRIEL – Roads We Travel

GABRIEL is no stranger to the online musical underground with numerous great quality digital releases and remixes under his belt, along with his work on The Whisper Foundation. Well, at last Retronym are very proud to present his much anticipated and long awaited first full length LP release, Roads We Travel. GABRIEL’s beautifully organic sound […]

RTN004 – 91plus – Sunsetter EP

The beautifully crafted Sunsetter EP from 17 year old Californian downtempo artist Will Hitz, AKA 91plus, marks his debut release here at Retronym. His skillful production allows the emotions of the listener to intertwine and become one with the delicate rhythms and textures, creating a lush landscape of hazy skies and smooth, floating melodies. Featuring […]

Brand New Retro Featured On OverClocked ReMix

Here’s one for retro gamers! Brand New Retro recently had his remix of the Final Fantasy VI track ‘The Serpent Trench’ accepted on the worlds biggest game soundtrack remix site, OverClocked ReMix. Brand New Retro describes the remix: “As I have particularly nostalgic memories of this track, I wanted to create a version that sounded […]

RTN003 – Boreal Network & GABRIEL – The Motion Range EP

Boreal Network and GABRIEL team up to produce this awesome split EP. The two artists blend perfectly to create a cocktail of the organic and the mechanical across eight alternating tracks. Expect smooth nostalgic synths and lush melodies to blissfully drift along to. The full EP is available for free download at 192kbit/s mp3 format. […]

RTN002 – Hills West – Individualism

Produced between 2003 and 2004, the fantastic Individualism by Hills West has finally been given a much deserved home here at Retronym. Laced with hypnotic melodies, this music is perfect for evoking those distant memories whilst walking through the park awash with autumnal colours below a hazy evening sky. The new artwork is provided by […]

RTN001 – Cilocub – March Febrile EP

This EP from Manchester-based artist Cilocub marks our debut audio release with his fantastic record, March Febrile. A beautiful piece comprised of six tracks full of analog warmth, haunting pianos, organic percussion, twisted guitars and warbling voices akin to Boards of Canada and Bibio. Everything comes together to evoke distant childhood memories of cold Autumn […]