RTN023 – Dirty Inputs – Many Earths

Dirty Inputs is Aaron Dawson, a musician and VJ based in Toronto, Canada. Dawson was part of the Toronto ambient drone collective Off The International Radar who have shared the stage with the likes of Holy FuckA Place To Bury StrangersJunior BoysQuintron and Nadja among many others.

Having grown up in the Rocky Mountain foothills of Western Canada and then moving to the continent’s fourth largest metropolis, Dirty Inputs’ euphoric synth-driven soundscapes search for a balance between the beautiful and the terrifying. The deeply complicated relationship between nature and technology. This focus has created a body of work that is at times dark and brooding and at others joyful and emotional. There is an ever-present attempt to strip back the veneer of hype and rhetoric in society to reveal the plain truths and humble existence of humankind staring into the void.

Dirty Inputs’ sound has amassed many flavours from a broad palette of inspiration – spanning anywhere between 70’s synth epics, new wave, shoegaze, hip-hop and postrock. Many Earths, Aaron’s latest solo-construction, triangulates towards gorgeous DIY electronics and Solid Star makes for the perfect opener with bubbly arpeggios gradually piecing together a tapestry of analog beauty.Stolen Names maneuvers intricately and at a distance before bursting into Cyan Mode which floats into a wall of washed out, unruly echoes. Mechanical Moan ventures into the deep and the metallic with industrial fuzzes and oxidised thumps coated in atmospheric howls, a storm before the calm of closing track Try For France – an epic which tells the tale between the harmony of nature and technology grandiosely as cultivated synthesizers bring on a meditative state, a state of human being.

Get Many Earths by Dirty Inputs here. Amazing what you can get for free!

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