RTN020 – Kinesthetiac – Gander

Indiana-based Jared VanMatre is the youngest artist we have had on our release roster to date and at only 14-years-old, could be considered something of a prodigy with his ability to create such accomplished and gorgeous music with extremely polished production to boot.

Following on from the Eternal album recently released on his SoundCloud page with heaps of praise from its listeners, Gander is the latest chapter in this rapidly evolving musical adventure. The intro track Airwaves flows at a perfectly steady momentum, glowing keys and bright guitar calmly shift into a key change saturated in euphoria – an epic crescendo that really sets the high standard Gander sticks to throughout. The elegantly stripped-back piano work of Untitled sits seamlessly between the beat-infused Carbon-Based Lifeform and looping, delicately askew Red OakMackeral Sky closes Gander as it commenced with a mood enhancing finale that leaves a thirst to listen all over again.

Beautiful, uplifting stuff from this young and extremely promising producer and as ever, free to download.

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