RTN018 – Daylight Rain – Lazurite EP

Lazurite is the debut EP under project Naal’s Daylight Rain pseudonym. From the very start we are introduced to dipping chords, pitching melodies and beautiful twinkles which are thematic throughout and appear to glide and phase patiently via perfectly dusted magnetic tape.

Daylight Rain somehow manages to squeeze in countless amounts of sound yet nothing overpowers, every little speck of vibration pays compliment to its audible neighbour with perfection. Emerald Jet highlights this with aplomb, every component finds its way into some kind of imaginary space with ease. Motion Fix could well have been the product of one of Lone’s more summer haze-infused moments. The gorgeous Lake Discovered allows dreamlike echoes of funk and disco to sneak out from under the surface whilst Carpet Void‘s beats skitter to a backdrop of extremely soothing and breathy vocals. Rododendron completes the EP with a flourish, steadily brooding along before a spray of arpeggiated bleeps introduce themselves, circulating semi-chaotically and aptly summing up Daylight Rain’s ability to seamlessly switch between and fuse the subtle with the energetic. A truly great listen.

Grab it here. (Completely free, as always!)

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