RTN020 – Kinesthetiac – Gander

Indiana-based Jared VanMatre is the youngest artist we have had on our release roster to date and at only 14-years-old, could be considered something of a prodigy with his ability to create such accomplished and gorgeous music with extremely polished production to boot. Following on from the Eternal album recently released on his SoundCloud page with heaps […]

RTN019 – Boreal Network – Means Business

Means Business is a record that begins by looking directly into the heart of the corporate art aesthetic, using the fictitious Boreal Network organization itself as a lens through which to peer into a world of glistening office parks and freshly printed documents. The first half of the record gleams with polish and bravado, promising high […]

RTN018 – Daylight Rain – Lazurite EP

Lazurite is the debut EP under project Naal’s Daylight Rain pseudonym. From the very start we are introduced to dipping chords, pitching melodies and beautiful twinkles which are thematic throughout and appear to glide and phase patiently via perfectly dusted magnetic tape. Daylight Rain somehow manages to squeeze in countless amounts of sound yet nothing […]