RTN013 – Jonathan Jindra – Monera

Jonathan Jindra is certainly no stranger within the musical realms at the moment, what with the recent release of his Midmir collaboration with Frank Dambra here at Retronym, and the acid induced Modular Puzzle released under his well recognised Trills moniker over at I, Absentee.

This time around Jindra takes an exploration through patient, brooding ambience. A post-noise excursion with influences hailing back to the kosmische era, drawing out imagery of dark machinery and primitive electronics. Monera is an album that could well have been crafted in the Radiophonic Workshop, had it been built in an ice tunnel accommodating spirits who wailed into its endlessness.

Flatlanders sparks circling tones as they get caught in a web of glitching static before peaking to a point of euphoria in The Heart is Infinite as deep percussion bubbles over beautiful plinking and reversed, creeping chords. A Vision of Clarity nods towards the Disintegration Loops, whilst Liquid Sunshine evokes its title perfectly. These delicate progressions would get along nicely with pieces by the likes of Emeralds and the more melancholic works of Oneohtrix Point Never.

Monera is a release which feels very personal, rewards reaped when hidden depths are uncovered with more attentive listening, perfect for when the lights are dim and the distractions are at a minimum. A truly thought provoking experience.

Available now for free download.

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