Cilocub’s Jkan now on Bandcamp

Cilocub has today released Jkan on his brand new Bandcamp page. This record has been shrouded in mystery for years with only subtle hints of it’s existence and only one or two previews being made available to the public. It’s amazing to finally hear it and to hear Simon’s creative input from as early as 1988! The perfect accompaniment to these winter months.

Jkan is a collection of previously unreleased tracks, expanded from an EP released on an extremely limited CD/cassette run a number of years ago. Some of the material dates back to early Cilocub recording sessions, with at least one track originating from the late 1980s. Re-mastered from the original recordings, with some lo-fi elements and tape hiss preserved…

Released 04 November 2013

All tracks written and produced by Si Cookson, 1988-2013. Artwork by Kate Jessop.

RTN024 – Cilocub – Bee Face/The Nuh

Five years ago Retronym was born, and Manchester-based artist Simon Cookson was the first to release music on our roster with the now hugely revered March Febrile EP. That record instilled exactly what our label was about and set the benchmark for all the beautiful and thought-provoking audio we have released since. It is of no great surprise then that Retronym and its supporters have been waiting with immense anticipation for the next release. Finally that time has come, and it has been worth every second of the wait.

Bee Face/The Nuh certainly showcases the sonic progression Cilocub has garnered over the years, retaining that hallmark style whilst adding a grander scope to his sound. This 4-track EP consists of two epic opening and closing tracks broken up by two extremely detailed vignettes.

Bee Face initiates the narrative and immediately bridges the void in time since the last release. The percussion is nothing short of astounding – boundless amounts of organic collisions are nuanced in microscopic detail and garner in pace and depth. Layers of chamber chords and ghostly echoes are steadily interwoven before distorting and fizzling out into a beautiful serenity of sequestered pianos.

Crossbones Ident spirals and phases into a mist whilst Bee Face 2/Roundhay Garden Scene exhibits further stunning percussion and gorgeous eerie melodies.

Closing track The Nuh is an absolute masterwork. Clocking in at just shy of 10 minutes long, this piece could have gone on for even longer before getting even close to tiring. The purest of analog notes intricately and patiently warble to a sheet of skittering beats and hits with a stainless crunch before melding into a slow building calm of stunning organic drums and wails. Time signatures shift and move mathematically but seamlessly, the fabrics of which are sewn into a sense of a climatic arrival that needs to be heard to be believed. The re-introduction of chords is nothing short of euphoric, fading out with the perfect amount of unhurriedness.

Needless to say it’s good to have Cilocub back, an artist precious to us for the fact that he helped launch our label, and that he is from the hometown in which our label was founded. Look out for some of his previously unreleased works also due for release with Retronym sometime soon. Thank you for listening and supporting as always.

Get it here.

RTN023 – Dirty Inputs – Many Earths

Dirty Inputs is Aaron Dawson, a musician and VJ based in Toronto, Canada. Dawson was part of the Toronto ambient drone collective Off The International Radar who have shared the stage with the likes of Holy FuckA Place To Bury StrangersJunior BoysQuintron and Nadja among many others.

Having grown up in the Rocky Mountain foothills of Western Canada and then moving to the continent’s fourth largest metropolis, Dirty Inputs’ euphoric synth-driven soundscapes search for a balance between the beautiful and the terrifying. The deeply complicated relationship between nature and technology. This focus has created a body of work that is at times dark and brooding and at others joyful and emotional. There is an ever-present attempt to strip back the veneer of hype and rhetoric in society to reveal the plain truths and humble existence of humankind staring into the void.

Dirty Inputs’ sound has amassed many flavours from a broad palette of inspiration – spanning anywhere between 70’s synth epics, new wave, shoegaze, hip-hop and postrock. Many Earths, Aaron’s latest solo-construction, triangulates towards gorgeous DIY electronics and Solid Star makes for the perfect opener with bubbly arpeggios gradually piecing together a tapestry of analog beauty.Stolen Names maneuvers intricately and at a distance before bursting into Cyan Mode which floats into a wall of washed out, unruly echoes. Mechanical Moan ventures into the deep and the metallic with industrial fuzzes and oxidised thumps coated in atmospheric howls, a storm before the calm of closing track Try For France – an epic which tells the tale between the harmony of nature and technology grandiosely as cultivated synthesizers bring on a meditative state, a state of human being.

Get Many Earths by Dirty Inputs here. Amazing what you can get for free!

RTN022 – Soulacybin – Crystalline Visions

Concocted by John LaBoone’s Soulacybin project, Crystalline Visions is a showcase of sublime psychedelic ambience surrounded by a thick layer of rumbling dub and echo-tinged guitars. From the beginning we are launched into a sonic voyage through ethereal space and cascade through meditative soundscapes seamlessly, right through to the very end.

Opening track Bolzar commences this introspection with hooky and hypnotic bass, guitar riffs which transist between sliding and jangling and percussion that bubbles and variates yet sits with the spacey textures surrounding it so accurately. Once this chilled tone is set it gratifyingly sticks throughout. In Our Hearts introduces distant vocal samples intermitted with acid-infused stabs and Blessings Manifest parades vocal use even further with gorgeous female harmony woven through airy pads and dreamy vistas.

Azurescence feels like the return voyage, uplifting and providing a sense of achievement and reinvigoration, a feeling which can be repeated again and again with each and every listen…Crystalline Visions is intimately enlightening.

Grab this superb release here.

RTN021 – Kinesthetiac – Fields Of Thought

Retronym’s youngest producer Jared VanMatre creates yet another gem in the form of feature length album, Fields Of Thought. Jared aka Kinesthetiac continues his somewhat prodigious talent with an ear for creative nuance and technical ability most of us could have only dreamed of having in our mid-teens.

Fields Of Thought is an exploration of many different colours, hues and tones which blend into a culmination of what has inspired Jared musically, and how he has output those thoughts in his own unique, orginative way. 

Prepare to be amazed by what this young artist has to offer, and all for free! Get it here.


Video for Kinesthetiac’s Mind Castles by Broken Machine Films.

RTN020 – Kinesthetiac – Gander

Indiana-based Jared VanMatre is the youngest artist we have had on our release roster to date and at only 14-years-old, could be considered something of a prodigy with his ability to create such accomplished and gorgeous music with extremely polished production to boot.

Following on from the Eternal album recently released on his SoundCloud page with heaps of praise from its listeners, Gander is the latest chapter in this rapidly evolving musical adventure. The intro track Airwaves flows at a perfectly steady momentum, glowing keys and bright guitar calmly shift into a key change saturated in euphoria – an epic crescendo that really sets the high standard Gander sticks to throughout. The elegantly stripped-back piano work of Untitled sits seamlessly between the beat-infused Carbon-Based Lifeform and looping, delicately askew Red OakMackeral Sky closes Gander as it commenced with a mood enhancing finale that leaves a thirst to listen all over again.

Beautiful, uplifting stuff from this young and extremely promising producer and as ever, free to download.

RTN019 – Boreal Network – Means Business

Means Business is a record that begins by looking directly into the heart of the corporate art aesthetic, using the fictitious Boreal Network organization itself as a lens through which to peer into a world of glistening office parks and freshly printed documents.

The first half of the record gleams with polish and bravado, promising high rates of return and prosperity. As the album progresses however, sounds and themes suggest a gritty, polluted reality lurking beyond the shining facade of industry. The latter portion of Means Business is pocked with distorted, dirty sounds and leering, noxious synths, as the proud image of Boreal Network steadily becomes completely choked out by smog and desolation. Artwork provided by the ever-brilliant Joe Bastardo at Future Forest Design.

 Get this awesome new release from Boreal Network as a free download!

RTN018 – Daylight Rain – Lazurite EP

Lazurite is the debut EP under project Naal’s Daylight Rain pseudonym. From the very start we are introduced to dipping chords, pitching melodies and beautiful twinkles which are thematic throughout and appear to glide and phase patiently via perfectly dusted magnetic tape.

Daylight Rain somehow manages to squeeze in countless amounts of sound yet nothing overpowers, every little speck of vibration pays compliment to its audible neighbour with perfection. Emerald Jet highlights this with aplomb, every component finds its way into some kind of imaginary space with ease. Motion Fix could well have been the product of one of Lone’s more summer haze-infused moments. The gorgeous Lake Discovered allows dreamlike echoes of funk and disco to sneak out from under the surface whilst Carpet Void‘s beats skitter to a backdrop of extremely soothing and breathy vocals. Rododendron completes the EP with a flourish, steadily brooding along before a spray of arpeggiated bleeps introduce themselves, circulating semi-chaotically and aptly summing up Daylight Rain’s ability to seamlessly switch between and fuse the subtle with the energetic. A truly great listen.

Grab it here. (Completely free, as always!)

RTN017 – Trills – Blue Metabolic Sunrise

Jonathan Jindra returns to Retronym yet again, this time under his well-established Trills pseudonym. Blue Metabolic Sunrise displays shimmering beauty from start to finish. The first few tracks are trademark Trills, patient melodies crafted around deep kicks and echoing snares with a wall of beauteous twinkles and dischords with percussion that flickers between downtempo and chunky 808’s.

Everything gradually melts into spiraling arpeggios and analogue machinery is forced to squeeze out it’s most stunning of sounds – conjuring up the kind of imagery that would fit perfectly as an alternative soundtrack to something like Tarkovsky’s Stalker. The closing track Flect is the ultimate swan song, a ten-minute long epic which condenses the massive array of shades and styles that Jindra has in his audio locker.

Blue Metabolic Sunrise is also available as an amazingly put-together digipak direct from Jonathan himself. Get the free digital release and find out more about the digipak here.